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>> Saturday, 19 December 2009

in this tutorial, I will guide you to create animated images. gif.

actually there are several ways to create animated gif image. namely by using AdobePhotoshop and GIF Creator.

but this time I will discuss making the animated GIF using AdobePhotoshop.

there are several steps that must be followed:
step 1 : say basmalah before to do it. :-)
step 2 : do warm-up fingers and hands so that when it does not happen cramping or injury to your fingers and hands
step 3 : make surt there are some fresh water to prevent dehydration in yourselves.

step 4 : sure the next  we must  open  adobe photoshop program.
step 5 : open some images that will be used to the animated slideshow.
           for the example I use 2 images. klick 'file'>'open'
step 6: open new canvas klick 'file'>'new'. fill the size or resolution on the column how much we want to creat the animation.

now there are 3 images > 2 photo image and 1 blank canvas

step 7:  move your image to the blank canvas with doing drag & drop layer background to blank canvas. ass well as to the other picture.

step 8 : certainly the image will look out of the size of canvas. therefore set the size with 'ctrl + T'
step 9 : .open the animation column, click the windows>animation. then  will appear column

step 10 : add a new frame with click duplicate select frames on animation column.

step 11: active frame 2 with click "frame 2". and hide indicated layer vlaksibel (icon eye) (klick)

and then frame on animation column looks like this .

step 12: active frame 1 and click "tween animation frame"
fill column on dialog box as you needed

frame will added. frame added to be 7 frame.

if you want to try the animation, click button 'play' on animation column.

step 13 : lthe finally step is save animation GIF.  with click "file"> "save web for device...."

now your animation images (*.gif) was created

please try it at home



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